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March Spending Recap……

We kept track of all our monthly expenses for the first time ever.  It was actually pretty easy, just ask for receipts on every purchase and put em in an envelope.  Add em all up at the end of the month and see what the total is.  Our total money out this month was $3,659.  Barely below our normal monthly take-home pay although this was one of my 3 paycheck months. 

We had our normal fixed expenses like our home, camper and student loans, cell phone, cable/internet, and car insurance.  Some of our other expenses went over our budgeted amount, and also some stuff that we haven’t budgeted, like miscellaneous expenses and recreational money.  I didn’t break down exact receipts, if we bought stuff at a grocery store I put it in the food budget, just generalizing. 

Food:  $354  Pretty much spot on the budgeted amount for the month.  This doesn’t include money we spent eating out though.

Auto Gas:  $287  This would have been closer to our budgeted amount, but I pay $25/paycheck to my carpool, and unfortunately it doesn’t discriminate against 3 paycheck months.   Hopefully I will teach the wife how to drive my car soon (manual transmission) so we can save on gas.  Although it really won’t be saving too much because MX season is coming up and we will need use the SUV to pull our camper, negating the savings. 

Utilities:  $174  Includes heat, garbage and electric.  Our natgas bill comes in mid-month, so seeing that February was freezing, our heat bill was a little higher than normal.  I can’t wait until it’s summertime. 

Misc: $1,104  About 1/3rd of this is the cost of the appraisal ($414) for our home refi.  $161 of it was spent on eating out, which is something we really need to cut back on.  Not only is it unhealthy, but we could be putting that money to better use somewhere else.  Also the wifes cooking is awesome, and I would rather eat her cooking than most restaurant food.  $139 was spent skiing/snowboarding and on a new winter coat for myself.  I think I’ve had the same coat for like 10 years now, it was time for something new.  We went to the movies once this month which totaled $20, so not too bad.  I would like to go more but there isn’t really anything I want to see until the summer.  We finally gave in and bought a paper shredder, which I proceeded to overheat like 4 times in the first day we had it.  The papers were stacked pretty high.  We have our normal $25 gym membership that I never use, (the wife goes all the time) so that needs to be added to our budget in the future.  The rest is medical expenses and random purchases like dog toys and personal hygiene stuff. 

This next month we will try to limit our eating out.  Hoping to keep our discretionary spending under $500, but knowing that I need a new helmet and boots for MX that probably isn’t going to happen.  Also the wife is planning a small weekend trip with two of her friends which will cost a little bit, but it’s totally worth it.  She definitely deserves a little vacation. 

How was your spending this month?  Did you go over on your budget like I did?