My Ideal Job

A lot of people have jobs that they don’t like.  They work at jobs they don’t like for many reasons.   Food needs to be bought, the electric bill needs to get paid and we need a roof over our heads.  I myself am not a fan of my current job.  I have a little over 4 years in, and will probably do many more.  There are days when I think my job sucks, that I wish I could quit.  I have to remind myself that it could be worse, that no matter how much I think I hate my job, there are worse jobs that I’ve done and that this job is just a stepping stone to something better.  

I don’t hate everything about my job.  For the most part, I work with a good group of people.  My pay is decent and the benefits are good.  The thing that I hate most about my job is that it doesn’t challenge me intellectually.  It never will.  I really think my job makes me stupider (see, that’s not even a word).  This is one reason why I read a lot, to learn and experience new things.  It is also one reason why I am so fascinated with the stock market.  It is constantly changing and I learn something new everyday. 

My ideal job is to become a successful stock trader.  I will do this eventually, but not until the timing is right.  I have set some rules for myself, here they are in no particular order.

  • Be 100% debt-free
  • Have a minimum of 1 year EF
  • Must have consistent profits for 2-3 years prior
  • Trading account minimum of $50k (preferably more though)

After looking at these rules I set for myself, it will probably be quite some time before I quit my job and try trading full-time.  I am fine with that because I think this is the safest way to do it.  I know how stressful the market can be, I trade everyday.  If I were to try this right now I would be stressed out of my mind.  I made the debt-free and 1 year EF rules that way I wouldn’t be worried if I was going to make the bills for the month.  Trading because you need the money only stresses you out and makes you worry about making the wrong decision.  This is not the way to trade.  I can’t be scared to lose money, it has happened before and will again.  It is just part of the game, the key is to make more than I lose. 

I look forward to the day when I can leave my job and go full-time in the market.  I know I will be happier.  I will get to spend more time with the wife, and at some point maybe a child or two.  My main priority will always be to provide for my family.  If stock trading doesn’t work out and I have to work a job I don’t like so be it.  I am ok with that as long as my family is provided for and they are happy. 

What is your ideal job?


8 responses to “My Ideal Job

  • 444

    My ideal job is to trade also, but the more I learn, the more I realize that there is a lot more I could stand to learn. Last week was brutal and I can only hope that some things will be knit back together this week. If you can make any money at all trading, you are doing better than most, because I believe trading is full of casualties; I think probably 80% of people lose a lot or a little money and go home; another 10% just hold their own with ultra-conservative stratagies and only 10% make any real money. I just made these figures up, by the way. As long as you are reasonably smart and willing to learn and work hard (that means not being afraid of taking losses and admitting mistakes and not “swinging for the fences” all the time), I think a person can do well.

  • 444

    oops… “strategies.” I know how to spell but I was typing fast.

  • Alice @ Dont Debt

    My ideal job is one that is challenging intellectually, fulfilling personally and enjoyable daily. I don’t mind hard work, the really physical stuff, but I don’t want to have to do that every day. I like to have time periods where I’m really busy, pressured to meet deadlines and such. That way, the slow times are more enjoyable, too. A job with a really great schedule, a good work environment, terrific coworkers. A job where I can make suggestions and changes and have them accepted and praised.

    I’ve just described my current job. It’s ideal for me right now. I really can’t see myself going anywhere. I just celebrated my 13 year anniversary and have only 14 more until I can retire will full benefits. I’m a firm believer of making the best of what you’re given, and I intend to do just that.

  • debtntaxes

    @444- Can’t agree with you more on that. It is definetly not easy to have consistent gains but it is possible.

    @Alice- That’s awesome that you are working in a job that you enjoy. Especially being pretty much halfway done. I don’t even want to think about how many years I have left til I’m eligible for retirement (28).

  • Brian

    I just learned my ideal job actually exists and it pays over six figures… the problem is, I don’t think I could do this job now that I am married and have kids. The job is being a professional sleeper. Apparently these are people who work for a hotel chain and literally sleep in almost every bed in every hotel. This would have been great before I had responsibilities.

    For those who want to be professional traders, you are braver than I. I recently did 5 or 6 tax returns for some day traders and learned that all of them are really bad at it. I don’t think a single one of them made any positive cash flow for the year. While I think the rush and excitement of being a trader is intriguing, I don’t think that information is available to the small individual investor at a quick enough pace to compete with GS and their multimillion dollar high speed trading platforms. I think I would have better luck trying to be a pro-blackjack player!

    But then again, someone has to make money in the stock market, it might as well be you guys who are willing to take the risk. All I ask is don’t forget about your readers when you start making that money!

  • C The Writer

    Yeah, it could be worse, you could have MY job.

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