March Budget & Net Worth Update

This months budget update is kind of misleading, but I guess all of them are going to be misleading because I have no idea how to incorporate our actual expenditures.   We use our credit card for a lot of our purchases and our bill never comes until mid-month.   Either way I guess the budget corrects itself every month. 

Savings:  +$2481     Although we had another good increase, it is not as much as it could have been.  This month was one of my 3 paycheck months, but we spent a lot more on stuff than we thought during the month.  We finally kept track of everything that was spent this month and by doing this we now see where we are overspending.  We bought some one time purchases like a paper shredder, a winter jacket (75% off), and spent way to much on eating out.   We also spent another $414 on a second appraisal due to our first refinance not working out due to not having enough comparable sales.  Hopefully this bank will approve it.   We also went skiing for the first time in years, and don’t regret spending the money on it. 

Investments:  +$1728.95   I guess I can’t be angry about a gain, but wow did I have a bad month in my 401.  Due to a really dumb trade by me, my account went from being up a little less than 17% on the year, to being up a little under 10%.  Although I can’t be too mad, it would be negative if I didn’t sell when I did.  Still have 9 months to make up for my stupidity. 

Debt Payments:  -$521.94  Still waiting for our refinance to get done.  So no extra payments on any of the debt until that is done.  I can’t wait until we can start throwing extra down on these.  Until then I feel like we aren’t making progress that I know we can make.  Either way, we are supposed to close on our refinance by the end of May at the latest.  If for some reason it doesn’t go through we are done trying and will pay pretty much everything except for the mortgage off. 

Total Asset Increase:  $4210.29

Total Debt Decrease:  $521.94

Net Worth End of Feb:  -$78,335

Net Worth End of March: -$73,613

Total Increase in Net Worth: $4,722

Can’t complain about a positive month.  We also haven’t gotten our taxes back yet.  Once we do it will be going into savings until the refinance is done (we are hoarding cash til then).  Then it will be part of our debt snowball.  Here’s to hoping next month will be productive. 


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