Weekly Linkin’ It Up

Here are some of my favorite blog articles throughout the week.

Drew Snyder’s opinion over @Epic Finances’ on Student Loan Forgiveness

The Happy Homeowner tells us ways she tries to save money

As part of the RothIRA Movement, Kevin over @ Thousandaire put in his two cents on why a Roth IRA can be a good investment tool.  Check out his article and definitely watch his video.  It was my favorite post out of everybody that wrote for the movement. 

Alice over @ Don’t Debt continues to walk the path of honesty/integrity, and confesses to making a decision that hurt the finances a little bit.  One reason why I like her blog so much is her honesty.   

J$’s @ Budgets Are $exy has some tips to save more.  A lot of them are really simple but often people just don’t do them.


One response to “Weekly Linkin’ It Up

  • Alice @ Dont Debt

    Thank you! I saw this over the weekend, but didn’t have a lot of time to ever log on. I appreciate the link – and when I get organized enough to think of doing a post like this – I’ll be sure to return the link love.

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