Bucket List

I wanted to start a random weekly series that is fun and had nothing  (well, a little bit) to do with personal finance.  The first idea that came to my mind was the bucket list (also I stole this from Making Sense of Cents).  Everything that I include in the list I am very passionate about and is a dream of mine to accomplish/experience.   These will be in no particular order, just whatever I feel like writing about at that time.   So here goes the first one, and the winner is……………….


Backflip my Dirt bike:     I used to snowboard quite a bit during my teenage years.  After the first year I started to do jumps, and eventually attempted my first backflip.  It took me probably 30 tries until I finally landed it.  That feeling was incredible. 

Ever since I started racing  motocross and jumping (about 6 years ago), I’ve always loved the feeling of being in the air.  I’m nowhere even close to being awesome at jumping, I still crash quite a bit.  There are some jumps that I’m pretty scared of also.  I really love uphill jumps, and tabletops.  Not a huge fan of jumps that have a gap before the landing.  Landing short can hurt pretty bad.  I’ve always watched freestyle MX, like the X-games.  One of my favorite riders is Travis Pastrana, a guy known for pushing the sport to new limits, like landing the first double-backflip on a dirt bike. 

One other rider that I admire goes by the name of Scott Murray (if you click on that link, make sure to have your volume turned down).  He is relatively new to the freestyle world, best known for being the first privateer (non-sponsered) rider to be invited to the X-games.  He drove out there in an ambulance that was converted to haul his bikes.  He attempted the double backflip but under-rotated a little bit and crashed.  Since then he has landed it and now travels the world doing what he loves.  

Last year Scott started a little amateur competition at his freestyle park.  On the friday he teaches how to jump ramps, starting real close to the landing and then moves it out farther once you get used to the speed that is needed.  Saturday is the friendly competition.  I couldn’t get the days off from work last year to go to this and was kind of bummed out.  I emailed him the other day to ask if he was doing it again this year.  His answer was yes, and that it was on June 16th.  I checked my schedule and was super excited when I found out I had that weekend off.  Frickin sweet!!!! So I’m not sure if we will be using his foam pit to jump into at first.  And I’m not sure if he will even allow it being from such a beginner.  But it is one step closer to crossing this off the ole’ bucket list.  Here’s to hoping.  Even if it doesn’t work out, I still get to hang around not only a professional freestyle MX rider, but just an all around good guy. 


3 responses to “Bucket List

  • Alice @ Dont Debt

    Awesome! And it totally has to do with personal finance, because if you’re under a mountain of debt, you’re going to be limited to the dreams you’ll be able to fulfill.

    I would never do a jump, much less a back flip. Heck, it’s all I can do to ride with the hubby on his Harley. But more power to you! Here’s to checking off items from a bucket list!

    • debtntaxes

      Some of my “bucket list items” have nothing to do with PF, this one however does, because I think last year it was $40 to participate in the lessons and event. It is cheaper than the MX race I was going to do that weekend so there will be money saved.

      I hate riding double on anything, bike, snowmobile. I feel like you have less control with riding double. Hence why I never do that lol.

  • Not a sack holder

    To do toughmudder with my ebuds is on my bucket list.

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