Keeping Track

I haven’t been around the blogosphere for very long, be it reading or writing.  I am also new to the whole budget thing, and therefore will make some mistakes along the way.  I normally read about 10 different blogs a day, as I read the latest post at Give Me Back My Five Bucks I realized I haven’t kept track of any of our expenditures this past month.  Although we didn’t come up with our budget until about two weeks ago, it probably would have been a good idea to keep track even for the partial month.  The real point of the budget is to track your expenses and try not to go over how much you budgeted for a certain item/expense.   I will chalk this up to being new to budgets and will try to keep a better record in the future.

In Making Sense of Cents latest article, She writes about monthly goals.  She has some sweet monthly goals, even small ones that if added up can make a big difference overall to either your savings or debt.  I think this is something I will do in the future, something like work a couple extra days or try to find something in our budget to cut back on.

Do you keep track of all outgoing money no matter what it is?  Do you have weekly, monthly or yearly goals and if so how often do you analyze these goals and change them?


6 responses to “Keeping Track

  • BrokeElizabeth

    I keep track of absolutely all of my spending. It reminds me that all of my little purchases add up. I pay extra attention to my food spending, and divide up my groceries/junk food/alcohol/eating out/takeaway on my personal spreadsheet… yup I’m a bit of a nerd :).

    I also have goals for 2012 that I have posted on my blog. I add new ones when I need to, cross them off as I finish, and will probably write blog posts about the major ones. I’ll also do a recap at the end of the year and analyze how I did.

    • debtntaxes

      For sure, those small things can add up. I’m the horrible one for making small purchases, mostly soda at work. The wife is way better at not making random purchases than me. Although I just started bringing a water bottle and those flavored packets like Propel or something. Way cheaper than the $1.25 for a pop. I think it will save at least $20/month.

    • Delia

      A piece of erodtiiun unlike any other!


      Carina essa receita é pura novidade para mim vivo tentando achar pratos novos com beringela que não tenham só carne moída essa receita sua é um achado para mim amei e farei em breve. Bjus =)

  • Alice at Dont Debt

    I track every penny that goes out during the course of the month. I only get paid once a month, so it actually may be easier for me to keep track of things. I know that once that money is gone, that’s it until the end of the month. Also, once the bills are paid, there really isn’t a lot left to spend anyway. I keep enough to buy gas for the car and then any that’s left over after that is what I can spend.

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