I’m always looking for ways to save money.  It doesn’t matter what it is I am always trying to see if there is a cheaper alternative.  Here is the list I came up with that can save a quick buck.

Shop for Auto Insurance:  Shopping around for auto insurance is one of the quickest ways to save cash.  It’s also easy to do without having to pick up the phone.  Go online and search every auto insurance company you can think of and get some online quotes.  Last December I finally did this and saved close to $600/year by switching insurance companies while the coverage remained the same.  You can also bundle your auto and home insurance together for cheaper rates.  If you love your current insurance company you can still save money, just up your deductibles. 

Cable/Internet/Phones:  Depending on your location and your provider, you should be able to bundle all of these together for a cheaper rate.  Some TV providers like DirecTV, bundle services with At&t.  I live in out in the woods, so am kind of limited with the choice of tv providers, but was still able to lower my bill by bundling services.   If you like your services and don’t want to change to a different company, you could still save by bumping down to a lower package.  Really think about it.  Do you really watch all of those channels? Do you need unlimited text and data for your cell phone? I know I could get away with the Discovery channel, ESPN, and CNBC.  We saved about $40/month switching programming last fall.  Every little bit adds up.

Food: Food is one thing I’m not a huge fan of skimping out on.  About the only thing I save on food is packing a lunch instead of eating out.  Figure the average meal when eating out costs $8-$15, that’s a lot of savings by bringing the bag lunch.  The wife is getting pretty good at watching sales and couponing which is awesome, but again we are kind of limited on the savings due to where we are located.  In more populated areas throughout the country, stores have to compete more for your dollar which in turn provides better deals. 

Heating Bill:  Depending on what part of the country you live in, this could be one of your highest bills.  We live in a pretty cold climate, Upper Michigan, so heating can definitely be expensive.  Turning the thermostat down a degree or two can make a big difference.  We can always put on a sweatshirt to stay warm. One of my favorite things is to grab a blanket and curl up on the couch with the wife.

Credit Cards:  I have no idea how or even if you can still do this but if you carry a balance at a high interest rate, see if you can transfer it to a lower or preferably 0% card.  The only way I think this is a good idea is if you don’t add to that balance, only transferring to the lower rate to help pay the balance down.   You could also call your current card and ask them to lower your rate, they could say yes.  Same goes with the auto insurance. 

Gas:  One of the hardest ones to save on, because no matter what you have to get to work.  If you have a co-worker that lives close by see if they want to start a carpool.  I do this and though it doesn’t really save me much money on gas, it saves the wear and tear on my vehicle which also lowers my insurance premium for not driving many miles.  If you live close to your work, bike there on days when the weather is good. 

What do you do to save money?  Is there some things that you just won’t skimp on? 


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