My First Post

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog is to track my financial progress.  I know I am not a great writer.  I will mess up on punctuation and probably have the occasional typo but I am ok with that because that is not the purpose of me writing this blog.  The truth is, I’ve always been more likely to stick with stuff (plans, goals) if I write them down. (My wife would probably disagree with this, because the honey do list never gets done)  My main goal of this is to keep accountability with myself.

I do not have a financial degree of any sorts, nor have I had any formal training in finance.  I believe that just because someone has a degree in finance, it doesn’t always translate to them actually being smart with their finances.  Any and all of my financial knowledge is either self-taught or is what was learned from others experiences.  Mainly my family’s.  I know I will not make all the best financial decisions and that is ok with me.  I am 27, still need to live and have fun during my younger years.

I hope to develop a good readership with this blog.  I look forward to hearing advice/experiences with finances from everybody.  It is never a bad thing to hear others points of view on questions that I may have.  The more the merrier, it is one of my favorite ways to learn.  So this is the beginning of my journey, my journey to financial freedom.


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